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Your All-In-One Suite of Facebook Live Selling Tools at your Fingertips.

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How it works

Automatic Customer Login via FB

Live Screen Prompting to Help You Sell Online More

Customer Watches You Sell On Facebook Live

Customer mentions product code in comments

hits the Buy button, purchase is done

With the Sell.live web app, you get prompted

with important information like new viewer joining session, loyal buyer joining session, important questions and remaining item stock

Why Is It Better Than Normal
Live Selling ?

Improves Conversion

Our 1-Click checkout process is a powerful conversion booster. Customers who complete the signup process can buy with just one click every time they login to Facebook and view your FB live video stream. This is the easiest way to boost your sales.

Engage Customers Effectively To Increase Sales

The key to live selling on social media is engaging with your viewers. You get to answer their questions there and then. How awesome is that? Every question answered could lead to a sale. Our AI handles customer engagement while you Facebook live sell. It scans and identifies important questions from all viewer postings and displays it on your screen so you can answer important questions live.

Sell More By Keeping Customers Interested

Our Facebook Live App identifies your customers for loyalty programmes to keep them coming back. Customers like to feel special. Especially those who have previously bought from you. Our FB Live App identifies those customers, greets them accordingly and even lets you know if they’ve just logged in so you can personally give them a shout out. How cool is that? You can reward them individually or set the system to initiate rewards automatically.

Solution Pricing

This is the pricing for usage of the Sell.live solution.

Package Price Facebook Pages Supported Sales Intent Request Limit Per Month Sales Value Per Month
Bronze RM100/mth Up to 2 pages 300/mth Up to RM80k/mth
Silver RM200/mth Up to 7 pages 1,000/mth Up to RM200k/mth
Gold RM400/mth Up to 20 pages Unlimited Up to RM400k/mth
Platinum contact us Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Platform Ad Fees & Commission Fee

This is only applicable if you choose to participate and submit your product to be included in Sell.live organized live streaming sales events. The fees are broken down into a per product platform ad fee and a sales commission fee for products sold during these sales events.

Platform Ad Fee: RM2,000 per product
Sales Commission: 18% of sales generated

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